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A multitude of itineraries for discovering what still undoubtedly remains a little-known area of Tuscany rich in surprises: Garfagnana.


I Viaggi di Andrea is an Italian tour operator with its own specialised Incoming Tourism division, operating in the leisure sector at the service of individuals and groups. A founding member of the Association and the Garfagnana Produce Consortium.

Garfagnana Experience

I Viaggi di Andrea has created the  Garfagnana Experience brand to promote the land of Garfagnana with a complete tourist offering, by creating innovative services and products for tourists, as part of competitive, sustainable, experiential and authentic tourist packages.  Garfagnana experience constitutes our core business and is focused on the mountains and land of Garfagnana, where we have worked hard to create a product that lives up to tourist expectations – local tourism consisting of quick get-aways, excursions in the valleys and mountains to discover the local area.

Tourism is no longer about what you offer but how you make me feel: now the person is at the centre.

We want to provide the end customer with an experiential, tourism experience, a different kind of holiday during which tourists learn, broaden their horizons, return not just with snapshots but with the memory and emotions of an experience and enriched cultural knowledge. We will enable them to forge close ties with our land that we will treasure just as much as they do. This will also enable us to raise awareness of the infinite cultural nuances of our land, from which we can learn valuable lessons. With  cultural tours, gastronomic experiences, naturalistic or sport activities, the discovery of our roots, artisan workshops, you will travel to learn, to immerse yourself in moments of everyday life and participate in activities. All this is also extensively customisable with a host of contents and ideas!

Each Day Filled With Emotions.
In The Heart Of Garfagnana, Where Imagination Is Nurtured

Anyone who arrives in Garfagnana is amazed: this is our greatest opportunity. Garfagnana bears its soul through the wonder of nature. A green oasis, even more unique thanks to the variety of landscapes, its most authentic richness – the lush greenery of forests and pastures, mountains scattered with artificial alpine lakes. Ideal settings for anyone in search of an active holiday, as well as seekers of well-being and rest: everyone will delight in the hospitality of this mountainous land, in full safety. A land of poetry, from Ariosto to Pascoli, in uncontaminated nature.

A guarantee for the tourist

Because we believe strongly in the quality and services of our proposals. Garfagnana Experience is synonymous with immense attention to tourist requirements, the meticulous selection of facilities coupled with the utmost professionalism and propriety. Garfagnana Experience is an operator specialised in mountain holidays, with an offering ranging from the most comfortable hotels and apartments, to spas, mountain refuges, Slow Food and typical taverns. All-inclusive holiday packages Our offering is extensive and designed to satisfy the requirements of all our guests. The pleasure of living nature at a slow pace, this is our richness: a blend of nature, culture and traditions, in the heart of the Apuan Alps and Apennines: Garfagnana.

Important information

I Viaggi di Andrea has been entrusted with the creation of a prototype model for the management and validation of experiential and sustainable tourist paths, with the aim of creating an integrated offering in Garfagnana, as part of the Terragir3 project. Terragir3 aims to boost the competitiveness of SMEs in the tourist industry and the attractiveness of marginal and island areas of the transnational area, promoting joint systems for the positioning and promotion of innovative tourist products. In Tuscany, the project aims to develop and promote actions to enhance the bond between coastal and inland areas by encouraging activities for the deseasonalisation and diversification of tourist flows. Special attention has been given to food and wine paths and experiential tourism, also by means of experimenting with innovative prototype multimedia instruments for the positioning of offers on the market (booking engine portal and APP) and unconventional marketing actions.

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