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Between villages and nature in Tuscany: three days on an electric MTB in the heart of Garfagnana

Introduction - Three Days of Activities in Nature

A stay to discover nature, old-fashioned flavours and fun excursions by electric MTB through medieval villages and natural parks. Here is in extreme synthesis whta this week-end package contains that will allow you to regenerate between cuddles,  physical activity, good food and a bit of relaxation. Two days that can be modified  to your expectations, with a choice of itineraries that will test your ability on our electric MTBs or simply offer you the chance to gain your first experience with this interesting means of transport or to have fun together with friends or your partner, cycling in close contact with nature without giving up comfort and a taste for life. Here is our proposal!

  • Duration: 3 days/2 nights
  • Type: Stay with excursions by electric MTB.
  • Difficulty / Commitment: We offer the possibility to choose between itineraries with less difficulty different.


Arrival and accommodation in the facility you have chosen for your stay. Delivery and adjustment of the bikes, short briefing on the choice of route for the following day and the use of electric MTBs. We will be able to choose between 4 different ring routes that can satisfy the different needs of the participants.


After a good breakfast, around 9.30 we will meet in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana for our itinerary. Delivery and adjustment of the bikes, small briefing for the choice of the itinerary of the following day and on the use of electric MTBs. We will be able to choose between 4 different ring routes that can satisfy the different needs of the participants. We will be able to choose between 4 different ring routes of varying length and commitment:

  1. In the Apennine National Park (red circuit) 32 km – Uphill difference in height 800 metres approx. Difficulty: medium 50% asphalt – 50% dirt road
  2. Among lakes, villages and deep valleys (purple circuit) 43 km – Uphill difference in height about 900 meters. Difficulty medium-easy 100% asphalt
  3. The highest village of the Apennines: San Pellegrino ed il borgo di Sillico (blue circuit) 36 km – Uphill 1300/1400 m. Difficulty: demanding 45% asphalt 55% dirt road
  4. Towards the Apuan Alps (green circuit) 38 km – Uphill climb about 800 meters. Difficulty: medium 50% asphalt 50% dirt road

With our electric MTBs we will start our spectacular route that will take us to discover mountain landscapes of rare beauty, along the Apennine foothills or the rocky foothills of the Apuan Alps, medieval villages and ancient fortresses. We will move along dirt roads and secondary roads with little traffic, we will cross chestnut forests and on high altitude routes, once we reach 1000 metres, among centuries-old beech woods. Depending on the chosen itinerary we will stop for lunch in typical places, refuges or farms. The return to the facility is scheduled around 4.30 p.m. so you can relax by the pool before dinner served in the facility’s large park. Return to the hotel at around 16.30 so you can relax before dinner.

INCLUDED: Excursion with environmental excursion guide / e-MTB rental

After breakfast we get back in the saddle for a more enjoyable  half-day. Our itinerary today takes us through hilly areas, through local cultivations, to the characteristic village of Castiglione di Garfagnana, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, and along dirt roads through woods and countryside. Our destination will be a local farm where a nice lunch based on typical local products will be waiting for us. Our route will continue through small villages with views that will span from the Apuan Alps to the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. We can choose possible variations depending on how far we want to pedal to reach the point where we cross the valley on one of the highest railway bridges in Europe. It will be exciting to be in such a special and panoramic setting. Then through fields and farms we will reach the small lake of Pontecosi and from there we will shortly return to our cars. We will say goodbye and meet again for another pleasant weekend of fun.

Included: Excursion with environmental excursion guide / e-MTB rental / wine tasting and light lunch


What to bring

For your comfort, we recommend that you wear specific clothing for cycling, but you can also participate using normal sportswear. You must wear a helmet, which will be supplied with the bike. We suggest that you bring a small backpack with a warm, light, long-sleeved garment, sunscreen and a water bottle.


Along the route we will experience very different micro-climatic situations. Some places are particularly hot and the perceived temperatures can rise to 26/28 degrees. Other places are cooler with very low temperatures, especially in the early hours of the day and at sunset (5/10 degrees). It is also important to remember that the Apennine ridge attracts strong and violent summer storms to its peaks, with thunderstorms and hail accompanied by winds that further lower the perceived and actual temperatures. These can, in the case of strong storms at high altitudes (1600/1800 m) drop to 0 degrees or slightly more during the event.

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